Film Festival “Sustainable Challenges”

In the framework of increasing University Student’s awareness on issues of Social Justice, CARDET along with its partners, European University Cyprus and the University of Monday organized the first part of a Film Festival on "Sustainable Challenges" from the 16 to 19th of March in the Cultural Center of EUC. 

The film on Amiantos mine (asbestos) in Cyprus was the second screening of a new filmed produced with state funds, detailing the multileveled history (inequality, development, environment etc.) of one of the biggest industries in Cyprus economy and society from the start to the middle of the past century that shaped the progression of the society from a pure agrarian to an industrial through normal development processes. 


The films Sweatshop and Land Grab dealt mainly with issues of social justice such as inequality and poverty as a result of economic processes in the west because of our love in “cheap” fashion and insatiable preference for sugar. At the same time they tackled the complicated issues in an accommodating manner raising the subjects of commercial development, western inspired development, living standards, supply and value chains of big transnational companies, property rights of individual populations and institutional deficiencies.

Poor Us provided a compelling history of Poverty in a Global narrative and traces big moments in its evolution from a fact of life to a global push for its eradication. The film provided an opportunity for students to theoretically grabble with the issue and understand how no easy fixes can do the trick for the whole world. 

For every one of the four films, passionate responses where invoked from students and General Public and awareness was raised on global social issues and how they relate to our local experience. The students returned highly positive feedback on the activity. Thanks to all the participants and especially the Social Work club, University of Monday and professors Nikos Sozos and Alexandros Apostolides. 

A second strand of movies, subtitled in Greek this time will be shown in selected dates to follow. For more information check our Facebook page or communicate directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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